Chickpea Salad


Sit back and relax. Delicious feasts delivered to The Shed & Little Bickley

Sit back, relax and raise a glass with family and friends with a fabulous, homecooked dinner party.

My aim is to take the hassle out of catering so you can relish in your time at The Shed, West Barn and Little Bickley.

I am passionate about food and the wealth of incredible local producers we have here in the West Country.

From growing up in wonderful pubs and restaurants with my foodie family to having spent many years as your archetypal 'farmer's wife', I have cooked for hungry guns at shoot parties, a growing family and, of course, countless raucous dinner parties with friends and family.

Food, for me is about coming together, gathering round the table and creating memories.

Let me deliver dinner to your door for you to simply heat and serve.

For a memorable feast how about a bonfire supper or classic British picnic?

Fresh, local food from the farmhouse.